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If you want your vehicle to look it's best for years to come, you’ll want to consider installing paint protection film, also known as PPF/Clear Bra. Over time, your car’s glossy look will lose its luster because of scratches, dents, oxidation, and UV rays from the sun. Paint protection film will protect it from those harsh elements and potentially save you from costly repairs.

1. Preserves Paint - This durable PPF will prevent rock chips, scratches, swirl marks. and harmful UV rays.

2. Gloss, Matte, or Satin Finish - Choose between three finish types. Not only does this PPF provide protection, but it can also provide your vehicle a whole new look!

3. Self Healing - Light scratches and swirls naturally go away when the vehicle is exposed to direct sunlight.

4. Maximize resale value - PPF will preserve the condition of your vehicle, making it favourable to buyers in the event of selling.



Standard Package


Hood & Fender 18"


Partial Front Package


Hood & Fender 18", Front Bumper, Headlights

image-asset (2).png

Full Front Package


Full Hood, Full Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights

coverage_ppf_examples (1).png

Full Body Package


Full Hood, Full Fenders, Front Bumper, Headlights

image-asset (3).png
  • How long does a full vehicle wrap take?
    A professional full colour change wrap takes around 1 week. We spend the first 2 days alone decontaminating and dismantling the vehicle in preparation for vinyl.
  • How long does a vinyl wrap last?
    Typically 3-4 years. After this time, normal wear like scratches will affect the look of your vehicle. For printed commercial wraps the life expectancy is close to 8 years. Life span of a wrap will also depend on the level of after care performed.
  • What brand vinyl do you use?
    We use Avery Dennison and 3M. We also offer KPMF and Hexis.
  • Do I have to update my vehicle's registration?
    Yes, you will have to notify Service Ontario about the change. It costs around $30.
  • Can you ceramic coat a wrap?
    Absolutely! We actually suggest doing so to help with maintenance, and provide protection and fade resistance.
  • Do all colours cost the same?
    Most gloss, satin, and matte colours cost the same. Specialty/textured vinyls cost more such as chrome, colour shift, and carbon fiber.
  • Do you wrap inside door jambs?
    It is not standard practice to wrap the door jambs when doing full car wraps although you have the option to do so.
  • Is it removable? Will it damage my car when removed?
    All wraps are 100% removable with guaranteed no damage to the OEM paint of the car. In fact a wrap is a great protection for the paint of your vehicle. Please note that paint can be damaged on parts that have been repaired and repainted (non-OEM paint job)
  • Can I wrap a car myself? Do you sell wrap vinyl?
    Wrapping is not even close to as easy as it may seem. All of our installers are certified through extensive training and have many years of experience. We sell vinyl incase you don't believe us!
  • Is it better to paint a car or wrap it?
    Painting is a permanent thing that can’t be done on a brand new car unless you are ok with losing a lot of the resale value. Wrapping is a temporary product that gives a unique look and finish without damaging and rather protecting the existing paint job of the car. In short, wrap is for customizing of an otherwise perfect condition vehicle, painting is for repairs of damaged parts mostly. The possibilites are also endless with wraps - from custom prints, to chrome... you just can't get that with paint. All at a fraction of the cost!
  • How do I wash a car with a wrap on it? Can I polish or wax it?
    There are several types of approved car washes. You can wash a wrapped can using hand wash with soap and water and a sponge, you can use touchless car wash, you can use pressure washer as long as you keep the nozzle at least 12” away from the surface under 90 degree angle to it. Never use soft cloth mechanical car washes! They can damage the vinyl. Polishing is not recommended. You can wax gloss wraps and should avoid doing this with satin or matte wraps. Spray on products containing liquid wax are good for most types of wraps. No special after care is recommended for commercial graphics wrap. Just washing. Don’t let the salt sit on the surface of a wrap in winter for a long time! It can damage the film.
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