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Pictured is Shop 22 founder, Jett Fleming.

Jett has worked hard to get to this point! When he moved to Niagara 5 years ago for University, he didn’t know many people.  Naturally, he began looking for local car meets to meet new like-minded individuals. There wasn’t much going on in comparison to back home in the GTA, so he started hosting events himself. 

He never realized before that Niagara residents would drive to the GTA for shows. This caused Jett to create the exclusive local car club "Fast Falls" which quickly grew and turned into a family. He then created "Car Scene Niagara" to bring the entire local car community closer together, especially for people that were in a similar situation to Jett, wanting to expand their network. He had no idea he would fall in love with this region - not only for the beautiful atmosphere, but also for the amazing people.️ He now hosts the biggest automotive events in the Niagara region with roughly 500 cars at the previous show. All event proceeds are donated to local charities such as the Niagara Health Foundation, whom received $3,000+ from the past event.

Throughout this journey, Jett has learned that passion is what fuels us. Without passion there is limited motivation. All his life, he worked hard chasing dollars through methods he doesn’t favour - general labour work, property management, retail clerk, he even co-founded a social media application that passed Twitter on the leaderboards at one point. This was all work to Jett. But this SHOP, he does not consider work.


"You will never work a day in your life if you love what you’re doing.”


Jett has now realized that his objective is to fuel his passion of cars and love for the people in this region - by providing them quality automotive services. 🏻SHOP 22 INC was then born. "22" is a significant number that commemorates Jett's father that passed away due to cancer when he was 16. Tony Fleming, his Father, was an aircraft engineer.


There is not many shops in this region that provide the services that SHOP 22 does, and just like how events were in the past - people shouldn’t have to drive far to experience the best. Jett promises to take care of each and every car that comes through those shop doors as if it were his own. Whether it’s a 1999 Toyota Echo, or a $500,000 Lamborghini Aventador - both will be treated the same. 

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